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5 Creative Ways to Design a Festive Website

Festivals imply fun, joy, happy vibes and décor! The festive season is when friends, family members and relatives get together to make memories for lifetime, to click pictures to look back on years down the lane and so everyone wants to have a perfectly joyous time. People often buy new furniture, send presents to dear ones, get show pieces and décor stuff for their homes or workplaces and many organizations even distribute festive tokens to their employees.

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ways to monetize your blog - VGRP Solutions
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25 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog

Blogging was started way back in 1994 by Justin Hall on, initially calling them web-logs. Gradually they got popular as blogs and what started just as a hobby for leisure is today a whole new business. But whether you started off as a hobby blogger or for business, blogging has money. Even during COVID-19 when people actually lost their jobs, bloggers saw a good boost in their traffic because of a large mostly-at-home surfer population came into picture. There is ample number of bloggers today across all industries but all of them started small.

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