Everybody wants to discuss how great Facebook Ads are. With its multi-billion client base, front line promotion stage, definite focusing on alternatives and a broad rundown of contextual analyses, Facebook regularly appears the spot to showcase on the web. 

Facebook Ads are a ground-breaking stage for promoting, yet there are a few advertisers who despite everything end up with negative ROI. 

However, it is normal to feel anxious when your Facebook Ads are not playing out the manner in which they should. But, rather than burning through the entirety of your time and vitality in getting restless, you should ask yourself where you really turned out badly.

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In this way, in case you’re battling with Facebook Ads, here are 5 basic issues I frequently observe that can set your campaigns up for disappointment.

Focusing on Small Audience 

The reason behind why your audience is too little might be because you focused on the individuals who were associated with your Facebook Page, individuals who saw a page of your site, individuals who viewed your recordings or those individuals who subscribed to you via Emails. 

When in doubt, the more explicit you can get with your advertising, the more effective it will be. What’s more, the tighter your intended interest group, the simpler it is to get explicit with your advertising.

Accordingly, it appears as though Facebook’s focusing on choices would make Facebook Ads the perfect advertising stage. With the capacity to get this granular, how could your campaigns fizzle? 

However, there’s an issue with getting excessively explicit with your focus on. Facebook Ads is primarily a mindfulness producing platform. Relatively few individuals jump on Facebook looking for a spot to eat, get their vehicle fixed, or purchase tissue.

Targeting Wrong Audience

Facebook ad campaign is used to target relevant audience. So how this campaign will work if we are targeting to wrong audience. Here I want to mention that most of the advertisers are fail to get proper benefits due to this reason.

Facebook offers a various audience targeting options. In Facebook Ads we start with an audience and then part them according to the different demographics. To get proper benefit from ad camapign select audience according to sales funnel and campaign objectives. You can have idea from your last campaign results too.  

Pictures Issues 

There is another viewpoint with regards to why you should utilize the Perfect picture. A majority of people use Facebook as a mode of social interactions. They are least interested on survey an advertisement that has low quality or unimportant image. Furthermore, with regards to Facebook Ads, there is a lot of rules concerning the pictures. 

Having a little picture is also an issue. This is basically for the sidebar advertisements that have a moderately small zone. You will lose a ton of detail. Your picture will also look unseemly if you attempt to shrink the picture. It will seem like a mess when you compress it.

The facts demonstrate that a few pictures work perfectly fine in any event when they are compressed. In any case, it probably won’t be the equivalent of all the pictures. So it is constantly recommended to see your picture at a little size to ensure that it finishes.

Facebook Ads and Landing Page Do Not Correlate

At the point when the guests were coordinated on your Landing Page, they couldn’t follow the offer that you had referenced in your Ad. feeling disappointed, they bounced once again from your site without finishing the change objective. 

On the more, if you are running a change or traffic crusade at the same time, at that point if your campaigns are not being followed by a decent presentation page, your guests are going to leave without the slightest hesitation. 

There are different reasons too that lead to the bad greeting page experience like having distinctive Call-to-Actions in the Ad and Landing Page, not having a CTA by any stretch of the imagination, the message focusing on everybody and not the specific crowd, utilizing unclear USP, giving poor portable page understanding and utilizing no or wrong pictures.

Inadequately Written Ad Copy 

Boring Headline 

It very well may be difficult to predict exactly what your audience will react well to. For your advertisements to succeed, you have to nail your informing and promotion design. Just like the pictures are a very crucial factor for your Facebook Ads, similarly, Ad Copy is also a significant factor. The Ad Copy is a too significant component in convincing your crowd to make the perfect transformation move, regardless of whether it is tapping on a connection, viewing a video, joining or making a buy for some item.

The most significant component of the Ad Copy is the headline. By and large, the people surfing through Facebook are in a rush and they simply don’t have the opportunity to peruse your whole Ad. They simply examine through the content, particularly the headline.

Too Long Ad Text 

This is another normal and neglected misstep that a ton of publicists make while composing the Ad Copy. You need to understand that generally, individuals don’t have the opportunity to peruse a long book about the advantages and highlights of your item. They simply need to have a fast comprehension of whether they should tap on your Ads or not.you should guarantee that the Ad Copy is short, clear, exact and simple to follow. 

Ads Wrongly Placed 

If you are not putting your promotions accurately, at that point it is very clear that your advertisements won’t proceed as they should have been. When the Ad Placement is thought of, it isn’t only the work area or the versatile that is discussed.

Make a Short term results

Facebook Ads are an immediate reaction showcasing channel. People will see their advertisements, snap and convert. While this may be the situation for specific organizations for most organizations, things are infrequently that simple. People visit Facebook to socialize – not to purchase things. 

Thus, with regards to your campaigns, you need to accept that practically nobody who sees a promotion from your business on Facebook is going to click as well as convert the first run through around. They’re finding your business and what you’re offering, so it will set aside some effort for them to warm up to change over.


The issues we’ve examined in this article are normal, but at the same time, they’re genuinely simple to explain. You should simply invest the essential energy and exertion to test your campaigns, making sense of how to successfully impart your offer, find an adequately-sized audience to target and spotlight on driving long term results. If you expect Facebook Ads to be simple, you’ll most likely be frustrated. Actually, that is probably why you’re reading this article. In any case, if you see Facebook Ads as a puzzle that will yield great outcomes once you illuminate it, you’ll be headed straight toward progress.