Quick SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic - VGRP Solutions

Did you know that SEO is a set of guides and strategies with the purpose of building and developing a good brand experience? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the most useful strategy for your business to be found online. It helps you to appear among the top results in Search Engine Result Pages on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

It’s great to get the traffic on your website through paid advertising and social sites but organic traffic is the most sustainable approach. Organic traffic is the traffic that is not paid but earned and this is what every marketer strives for.

We have some tips for y’all to apply on your website to increase the traffic, organically. Are you curious to find out what it is about? Well, scroll down and start reading!

Mobile Friendliness

Over 50-55% of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile phones, so for that, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. It has to be mobile optimized in a way that the text is easily readable, links are easily clickable so that users can access it effortlessly, and also it should be pleasing to look at. If you don’t know whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, verify the same by taking the Mobile-Friendly Test.

Optimize Images

Images can be a focal point in your SEO strategy if you use it properly. Always use the right format like JPEG or PNG, compress your images, and give them a descriptive file name or ALT Tag. Make sure your images are web-friendly and for that, you need to define your image dimensions properly. Never forget to add images in your sitemap; this will result in more site traffic.

URL Optimization

Correct optimization of the URL of your website is a really very important aspect of SEO. It actually influences both, the users and search engine bots. Creating user-friendly URLs will improve the SEO positioning of your website. The perfect URL is one that has the keyword highlighted and gives the reader a direct view of the page’s content before it even loads.

Page Speed

How many of you get impatient leave a website when it takes too much time to get load? The same thing can happen to your customers. Having a slow website negatively affects the way viewers interact with your page; you need to improve your page speed to better your ranking. Remove anything that slows down the speed.Always keep an eye on your site speed, you can check the speed of your website using the Google Page Speed test.


This tip is one of the most important. The keyword must be used in the text in a natural way, never force it to appear many times in its content. It is also essential that it is in the title, and meta description.

Give Meta Titles for Your Web Pages

A good and simple title gets the most clicks and reads. Google shows only 50-60 characters in the title tag so avoid accumulating keywords, only use relevant ones, in this way you are more likely to appear organically in search results. Keep the title succinct.

Meta description

The meta description is an essential part of ranking your website on search engines. It’s a key trick to boost organic traffic. The meta description is the text that is displayed just below the title when doing a search on google. With a better description, your search result will stand out from the competition and get more clicks. It should include appropriate keywords. Summarize the description concisely and clearly, keep the length 150-160 characters.

Pro-tip: Write a meta description for each and every page!


Content is king. Publishing unique, high-quality content is a vital part to get organic traffic.

  • Use title and subtitles
  • Write short paragraphs with empty spaces between them
  • Create lists and topics

Focus on your customer’s intent, tailor your content accordingly, and answer their question in your content. To reach your target audience in an organic way, you need to serve them exactly the content they want to read.

Note – Keep updating your content regularly.

Well Structured Website

Google prioritizes responsive sites when placing pages. You need to fix your website issues like broken link, the 404 page, and redirects to provide a better user experience.


Backlinks are super essential for your SEO strategy. Back-linking is a strategy to get traffic by partnering with another website, the other website links your website in their content, and in this way, you get referral traffic. But, in order to get organic traffic, you need to make sure that your backlink is obtained in a natural way, when users and readers find your content interesting they decide to share it with others and you get the traffic naturally.

Be Consistent

Interact with your audience. People like it when you are consistent in terms of content. Make sure they see you constantly.

Social Engagement

Last, but not least, your social media presence is a key factor in increasing organic traffic. Reach out to your audience via social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If the content is interesting, people will share the same and in this way, you get free advertising and visits.

Keep reviewing and tracking your homepage and website for better results, these tips are trusted and useful in pulling organic traffic to your website and correct execution of these tips will provide a lasting result.