With an increasingly digitalized world, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, has become a must for every business, small or bigwig. While traditional or conventional SEO focuses on promoting your website at a global or international scale, there is a specific approach building these days which aims to cater to potential customers based on their territorial location.

Local SEO allows businesses to target the conversions from searchers within a specified area. When you search for a product or service, what you are generally shown is a map underneath which a few businesses are listed. They have a call to action for contact or directions and they also carry a rating, which is an important part of Local SEO as 46% of searches on Google are local.

Every business whether offline or online needs footfall. Location of your outlet or office is a prime factor in attracting the customers towards you. Now there can be two possibilities. Either your business is in a distinct area which isn’t a cluster of your niche. The other possibility is that your business is located in a compact space where several other people from your industry are present, for example Chandni Chowk market in Delhi. This is where Local SEO can change the game. Local SEO works especially well for the cluster spaces where the customer has all the options in the world but doesn’t know who to rely on. And you would definitely not want to miss the chance.

Now that you have understood the meaning and significance of Local SEO, let us further move on to see how you can implement it, how you can embrace the power of Local SEO!

Google My Business

Being the most popular search engine, it becomes imperative to target Google in your SEO strategy. Sign up and register for Google My Business and get a tag for yourself, just like the ones shown beneath the map upon a local search. This adds the touch of authenticity to your business and you come off as more reliable. As we have already explained, it carries a CTA as well, through which you can be reached via phone or directions.

Balance between Global SEO and Local SEO

While Global SEO has its own use and benefits in the global arena, but don’t miss out on Local SEO as well. Balance your strategy and resources in a way which caters to both. Utilize both to complement each other as they are not mutual substitutes. Local SEO is what will actually drive the traffic towards you on a day to day basis and will eventually form the basis for building loyalty and trust. A tip in this regard is to mention your contact on all the pages of your website; and not just limit it to one webpage. Go local before you go global!

Link Building

Although link building is a conventional approach for most applications, but for Local SEO, link building comes in handy. Target the B2B portals like IndiaMART, TradeIndia, etc. Register your business; don’t forget to mention a precise and identical address in all places. This will help you drive more and authentic traffic towards your website; and is a good save on marketing and advertisement costs.

Optimized Content

If you are in it for a while, you must already be aware. But if you are a beginner, learn it by heart that content is the king in social media marketing. When we talk of content, we mean both – pictorial and textual. Make sure to use original, unique and catchy content which basically attracts the web searcher and gives just right reflection of your entire webpage without beating around the bush. The content should be free from plagiarism from other sources or from your own webpages as well.

Keyword and density

For textual form of content, selecting the right keyword and building your strategy around it is another important technique. Brainstorm and think from the customer’s point of view that what will she search and whether you can be found that way.

Regardless of whether you are here to take your mom’s bakery, sister’s cafe, a cousin’s boutique, dad’s outlet or your own business to the next level, congratulations! You have successfully understood the importance and strategy of Local SEO and if applied well, you are assured to get the best returns in your domain and location of business. Being a player in the local market, you can also not really spend beyond an extent on marketing and advertisements. So be ready to go an extra mile and be found over the web on the top of the search engine results page, instead of struggling to woo customers by making a mark on your doormat.