Ads play a very crucial role in every business to reach out to more people, to increase brand awareness, helps in lead generation, and whatnot. There are number of networks/advertisements tools in the market but Google Ads is everyone’s favorite and it should be, people always turn to Google for almost everything. About 90% of Internet users see Google Ads worldwide. More than 1 million businesses benefit from Google Ads. You too can reach your potential customers more easily. Let us see what exactly it is.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the largest digital advertising platforms in existence, it works on a cost per click basis that is each time a person clicks on your Ads on google you will be charged/billed. It is intended for advertisements and advertising, which are displayed on google itself or on the display network (which are the partner sites).

With Google Ads, businesses can reach the customer at the very moment when he is looking for your service and that too in a very efficient way. When setting up a campaign on Google Ads you can choose which audience you want to reach, you need to define the criteria that are who you target as per the age, sex, geographical area, interest, etc. Using Google Ads, you can focus on exactly the person who needs your service/your ideal customer. Your advertisement will always appear as per the criteria you have selected, it’s a deadly addition and that is what makes Google Ads super awesome. Thus, investment in Google Ads has a very big return.

Benefits of Google Ads to Grow Your Business

There are several benefits of Google Ads to market your business, here are the top seven.

You Can Control Your Advertising Costs

Yes, you heard it right. Using Google Ads, You don’t have to pay unless or until someone clicks on your ads. Pay Per Click is an online payment model for Google Ads where you don’t have to pay for the exposure meaning you don’t pay anything when your ad is viewed or shown for the search results, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You’re paying for actual visitors only. You can choose to spend as much or as little as you like thus, it is relatively cost-effective. With the PPC campaign, you just have to be very specific about the goals you want to achieve.

Reach Your Customers Through Their Gmail Inbox

Email marketing is the most used marketing strategy in almost every business, In September 2015, Native Gmail Ads were integrated with Google Ads by Google and since then it is available to all advertisers, which means you can reach more prospects through their Gmail box.

Gmail ads appear at the top of a user’s inbox within the ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ tab. Gmail Ads are interactive ads that help in building brand awareness and engagement.

Try a Gmail campaign on Google Ads! You have a big chance of reaching a lot of people through display ads.

Increase Brand Awareness

Apart from boosting traffic, clicks, and conversions, Google Ads plays an important role to tell people about your brand in a well-organized way. It is the fastest way to get noticed, as with Google Ads you’ll get the access to reach the largest audience that you’ll get from any other advertising channel. Much of the success that marketers’ have had when it comes to increasing brand awareness, comes from Google Ads.

Reconnect with Website Visitors

Google Ads Remarketing is a targeted marketing strategy to generate sales. It assists marketers to reach people who visited their websites but didn’t make a purchase or left halfway through. Remarketing aims to draw the attention of the customer who has shown interest in your website/product by strategically positioning the same ads in front of him when he browses google and induces him to make the purchase.
The ultimate goal of Remarketing is to strengthen the link and deliver even more content to the people who engaged with your profile in the past few days. This will help to warm this audience up for purchase.
Remarketing also greets those people who have already bought from you, by advertising new offers, new products, or an irresistible upsell.

Track Your Performance/ Conversion

Unlike traditional ads, the biggest advantage of Google Ads is its measurability.

You need to constantly monitor and tweak your ads to make them better. Google Ads measures the performance of your ad campaigns, helps you to build a successful campaign against your competitors. The transparent system of Google Ads allows you to keep an eye on your competitors to see how they are engaging with their audience.

With Google Ads, you’ll get to know which are the most viewed ads, who clicked on your ad and how many times, traffic to the website, cost per lead, total leads generated, Use this information, and outperform your competitors.

Ads Work Faster Than SEO

When SEO doesn’t work, Google Ads is the savior, it gives way faster results than Search Engine Optimization. With Google Ads allows you to instantly create the advertising campaigns and you start gaining the targeted traffic while SEO takes some extra time to get the required ranking and traffic also when it comes to keywords, With Ads, you can target multiple keywords at the same time. There is a better chance of diving more traffic and lead instantly, using Google Ads.

Data-Driven Campaign/ Demographic Targeting

Everyone is not your customer. YES, not everyone will be relevant to your business’ offerings. So, no need to filtering through every type. With Google Ads, you can target ads to a specific group of individuals or demographics. With the latest version of Google Ads, now you can show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

Some common examples are age, gender, race, occupation, interest, income etc.

Ready to get started with Google Ads? With these top seven benefits, you can take your business to the next level, one needs to put a lot of effort and time, but the end result will be worth it.