An echo of the incidents of clashes between the two communities in Assam was also seen on social media, which later also appeared during a demonstration in Mumbai. Objectionable pictures came later on the Internet and other social media sites, after which threatening, SMS’ were sent to the people of Northeast in Bangalore and thousands of people from Northeast migrated from Bangalore and many other cities.

On this issue, a constituent of the government said that this has happened due to social media and social media should be banned. Specifically, Facebook and Twitter were also mentioned. Renowned cyber expert Pawan Duggal has disagreed with the opinion of the government and says that there is a need for regulation on social media and laws should be made in this regard.

Yes, it is necessary that people need to be aware of the evils of social media and the government should do this work and there are many ways. Regulation is wrong Leaders of some allies of the Indian government say that social media that is sites like Facebook and Twitter should also be kept within the scope of regulation, but what is the meaning of regulation?

Considering all these issues, the government had to set some laws on social media marketing and now it has forced social media marketers to follow the law. Social media marketing is a new form that enhances the use of social media applications and networks as a marketing platform. 10 social media laws have been made to strengthen the social media marketing.

Developing Social Media Marketing Plan

For example, by developing a plan for every campaign, your business has to plan effectively.Similarly, plan develop will have to be done in social media marketing. Before developing social media marketing, you should know which goal you want to achieve.

Choose Ideal Social Media Platforms

10 different laws fulfill the purpose of different audiences on social media platforms. So you have to create unique social media marketing strategies for each platform.

Like Visual Campaigning is Ideal for Instagram and Pinterest while Conversation is Ideal for Facebook. However photos and videos enhance the Facebook campaign.

Brand and customized your social media pages

If you want to make a strong online marketing then branding is very essential. Having a good brand will also increase your marketing and your social media marketing profile will be easily recognizable to your customer again. You can also create a unique background and page on Twitter. This will increase your brand product and service strength.

Hire a Qualified Social Media Marketer

Online branding of social media marketing requires a higher qualifier marketer for marketing, planning and strategies ideal. So that he can plan the budget , brand and production of all your products and develop your business.

Gain Trust by Being Consistent

Trust is an important part of a relationship whether it is in a relationship or in a business. That’s why you have to build confidence to sell good brand customers while sealing your product. Advertise your brand and product that you can reach customers.

Increase Your Audience

You have to increase the audience by increasing your product brand, the more your audience, the more your page publicity will increase and you will become a good social media marketer.

Create Mobile Friendly

More than 70% of users use mobile, so you have to create mobile internet marketing effectively. You can make various videos, photos on your mobile to make effective marketing.

Attract Influencers

Most customers rely on influencers to make decisions so stay in Internet touch with them to impress your customers. This will also let you know what customers think about your product.

Prioritize Engagement

Your main goal should be sparking and supporting conversations on social media. This will not only make your post active. It also promotes the expectation of investment.

Measuring Results

You compare your online marketing results and the goals that determine social media marketing strategies. Check the result of retweets, comments, likes, shares, and sales on your platforms.