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Festivals imply fun, joy, happy vibes and décor! The festive season is when friends, family members and relatives get together to make memories for lifetime, to click pictures to look back on years down the lane and so everyone wants to have a perfectly joyous time. People often buy new furniture, send presents to dear ones, get show pieces and décor stuff for their homes or workplaces and many organizations even distribute festive tokens to their employees.

Due to endless options available at reasonable prices and trustworthiness of genuine online sellers, people order everything online. Last minute shopping is also mostly done online! Especially during pandemic times like right now, there are a further increased number of people who have switched to online shopping.

With perfectly decorated homes, a festive experience while shopping, whether using PC, tab or mobile phone, can surely act as the cherry on the cake. Therefore festive season is the best time for you to attract traffic and sell loads of your service or product making the best out of festive time for you and your business.

So, without much ado, let us share with you 5 creative ways which you can apply to give a festive design and makeover to your website!

Warm welcome greetings

The mere first sight of your website should have a design which leaves the user mesmerized. Do not over do the decoration thing such that it hides the most important utility features which the user is looking for. Keep it cozy, uniquely refreshing and give a good color contrast.
Apart from offering a breathtaking sight, you could also add on some jingle to play as background music but it should not be so loud that it embarrasses the user at a public place, let’s say their office. Secondly, it should go well with the festival you are decorating your website for.


Spur the visitor in action and soar the festive anticipation by simply adding a countdown timer to your website. Besides boosting the excitement to next level, the countdown timer also creates an urge at user’s end to plan and shop for the festival before it is too late. A countdown timer is bound to give an interesting touch to your website.

Engage the user

As a teenager, I loved to go the Harry potter wizarding world website and explore all the engaging activities it allures one with. It is one classic example of giving a great engaging experience to the website visitors. If you’re at an early stage of business, you might not want to invest so much into your website, but hey, you are getting the idea.

Allow the visitor to customize. People love options and customization. Engage them in decorating a Christmas tree, lighting up a lantern on Diwali or making something similar to a colorful graffiti on Holi. During summers, you can give them a cool breezy feeling by showing beach and ice-cream; and likewise during winters, you can let the snowflakes fall and smoke rise from a cup of hot beverage.

Add festive elements

Give a subtle festive background theme; place a festive graphic sticker at a dedicated corner and give a complete makeover with festive elements to the navigation bars, buttons, etc. Ornaments for Christmas, lanterns & diyas for Diwali, heaps of colors for Holi are few ideas that you can implement and sweets for just any occasion! 😀
Make the user feel the joy of festive season which is loaded with light, love, good food and prosperity.

A short quiz and prize for winner

Everyone loves surprises and freebies regardless of how small they are. Ask them one simple question or two, get their brains working a little in an indulging manner, not too much. And then give something as a reward. It may be your premium newsletter, a greeting card, a customized wish, a discount coupon or anything that they can boast about in front of friends, as this will give them a sense of achievement and winning something extra than what they desired or paid for!

These 5 unique ways for giving a festive design to your website will surely make visitors come again and also they will be more likely to share it with their friends and family. During festivals, traffic to your website can go up as high as 70% and sales can go up by 35%. So plan to offer irreplaceable or rare stuff and attract the buyers, especially leverage the last minute shoppers. And the last thing anyone in an enthusiastic and festive mode wants is a bad experience that spoils their vibe. So, do your homework beforehand. Make calculated investments of your time and resources in optimizing the speed across your various webpages. Be ready for peak traffic and conversion surges. Test your website for different load levels. Make necessary changes and get going!