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Blogging was started way back in 1994 by Justin Hall on Links.net, initially calling them web-logs. Gradually they got popular as blogs and what started just as a hobby for leisure is today a whole new business. But whether you started off as a hobby blogger or for business, blogging has money. Even during COVID-19 when people actually lost their jobs, bloggers saw a good boost in their traffic because of a large mostly-at-home surfer population came into picture. There is ample number of bloggers today across all industries but all of them started small.

So if you have a website or blog, here are 25 proven ways that you can apply to monetize your website or blog! Read on.

Use affiliate marketing on your blog

An advertiser gives you a unique link that you inculcate on your website or blog. Then whenever your visitor clicks on that link and buys their products through that unique link, you earn a share of their income.

Add banner ads to your website

Howsoever clichéd banner ads maybe, but they still give good results. Give a decent space to them on your website or blog but don’t be pushy or else you will lose your own visitor.

Write sponsored content

Always be on a lookout for sites asking for feedback for their products or services. Or else, used a product from any popular site? Get in touch with them and write sponsored content on your blog for them.

Write sponsored social media posts

Gradually as you will be popular, advertisers will contact you to post about them in a genuine appeal. Take those offers! This will also help you widen your niche which will bring in more opportunities.

Write guest blog posts

Everyone’s on a lookout for content as all the digital affairs are based on the solid foundation of awesome content. So you can always sign up as a periodic guest blogger.

Freelance – Hire me!

If you are in the blogging environment, chances are you are good at so many things which you haven’t monetized yet! So say it out loud on your own website or drop link to your blog on various popular spaces.

Rent your ad space

You can even collaborate with small scale product or service sellers and rent your ad space to them for a certain period.

Feature text link ads

Another important and easy way to incorporate more ads on your blog without coming off as too pushy to your visitors, text link ads also give the user a feeling that he has a choice.

Feature pop up ads

Came across a queer ad or click bait that can sound interesting to your traffic? Then host it as a pop up ad on your blog!

Generate leads for other firms

When you get your user to sign up any contact details form, you could use those to sell to other firms preferably of your own niche. Just make sure that you give a small declaration that they might receive other relevant mails or texts or else they might feel cheated that you shared their contact details without their permission to do so.

Make and sell a newsletter space

Leave a dedicated newsletter space on your blog and sell or rent it to other firms. This way, you can get a fair share of their traffic and also earn a good share.

Offer consulting services

Put your critical analysis, technical knowledge and strategic mind to use by offering consulting services via your blog.

Create intellectual property stuff and sell

If you master any skill set and you would like to share it, why not monetize your knowledge? Create some journal or book out of it and sell it!

Offer coaching services

Starting off with humble earnings, offering coaching service will help you generate revenues gradually besides increasing your knowledge.

Host webinars

Webinars are more relevant than ever in this COVID-19 scenario. Host them and leverage the great opportunity to earn and also gain huge quality traffic.

Review products and services

Came across a product or service and love it? Share a genuine review and recommendation and get paid for that!

Offer coupons from affiliate sites

You could collaborate with affiliate sites and recommend them through your blog and also offer some coupons, thereby getting a share of the deal.

Create a paid membership zone

As you build your niche, take your visitors to the next level by creating a membership zone where you share even better quality content with them and have Q and A sessions etc.

Premium content

Keep more visitors engaged by sharing time premium content on your blog that doesn’t necessarily need user to sign up for membership. If they like your premium content, chances are, they’ll get ready to pay more.

Offer unique services

People love it when they look for something unique at multiple places and finally find it. For example, the COVID-19 got many firms looking for images that they can use on their site. So make best use of such opportunities and build portfolio a certain kind and monetize your weirdest skills.

Work with an agency

To build a brand out of your blog, you could work with an agency and partner with them in any project.

Sell digital products

If you have some tool or product that people are bound to find useful, then monetize it by selling off your blog.


Commonly called as ‘Flipping’ in blogging terminology, you could also earn good money by creating and selling blogs for clients and then rebuilding new for the others.

Indulge in social events

Explore your niche, find relevant events and get in touch with the event organizers such as for any college fest, literature festival, musical night, etc. Promote the event on your website and make money out of it!

Accept donations

If you do really great, you will develop a loyal nice audience over the time that will be happy to donate.

Hobby or business, blogging is fun and does require loads of efforts. But then, it has great returns on investments and it makes you grow holistically as an individual. So we hope that you’ll put these 25 ways to good use and monetize your website or blog.

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